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Letter to the editor: Not all scientists are objective

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 19 Jun 2021
... way, have you noticed that the Wuhan lab name on the building is in both Chinese and English? What the ?), real numbers of deaths of people from covid versus with covid, “super spreader” events that did not super spread, stay indoors/stay outside, the flip-flops, etc.

Wuhan...100 years before Covid: Fascinating black-and-white photographs from the 1920s show one of the three ...

The Daily Mail 18 Jun 2021
A fascinating photo album showing one of the three towns which were merged in 1949 to form the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus pandemic is believed to have begun, has gone on sale ... What was then Hankow's Dazhimen train station and is now Wuhan's rail hub is also seen in the stunning images ... The building is now The Lin Jiang Hotel.

Jon Stewart champions the Wuhan lab leak theory

The Jerusalem Post 17 Jun 2021
the name of the disease is on the building", the name of the lab seems to show the main and only source of evidence for Stewart.  The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has two labs that deal with coronaviruses but nothing on their website suggests that the labs have any official names. .

Wuhan lab was batty and other commentary

New York Post 14 Jun 2021
... the Wuhan lab, deleted tweets claiming it held no live bats but hasn’t “admitted he was wrong.” That lab “had more samples of bat viruses within its walls than any other building on earth,” yet Daszak and others claim the fact COVID originated in Wuhan “is simply coincidental.”.

Did China benefit from COVID-19?

Taipei Times 14 Jun 2021
Governments outside China are focusing attention on the possibility that the virus emerged from an accidental release at the Wuhan Institute of Virology ... Converting the confrontation into an actual shooting war would have been catastrophic for China, destroying all that its leaders had been building for 70 years.

Meat company JBS confirms it paid $11M to ransomware hackers

Live Mint 10 Jun 2021
The world’s largest meat processing company says it paid the equivalent of $11 million to hackers who broke into its computer system late last month ... division confirmed that it had paid the ransom ... Premium Premium 11 dead as residential building collapses in Mumbai's M .... Premium Premium Thousands of wild animals were sold in Wuhan before Cov .... .

Myanmar: UN rights envoy warns of 'mass death's in Kayah after 1,00,000 flee

Live Mint 10 Jun 2021
The international community must act", UN Special Rapporteur for Myanmar, Tom Andrews, tweeted late on Monday. MORE FROM THIS SECTIONSee All. Premium Premium 11 dead as residential building collapses in Mumbai's M .... Premium Premium Thousands of wild animals were sold in Wuhan before Cov .... UN ... TRENDING STORIESSee All ... These Indian cities will .... .

Ramdev agrees to take Covid vaccine soon; lauds centralised vaccination drive

Live Mint 10 Jun 2021
The yoga guru even said that he will soon get himself vaccinated, a marked change from his earlier stance on the matter, and urged others to take the jab too ... Everybody should get vaccinated ... Premium Premium 11 dead as residential building collapses in Mumbai's M .... Premium Premium Thousands of wild animals were sold in Wuhan before Cov .... .

Budweiser to set an example on sustainability through its Wuhan brewery

China Daily 07 Jun 2021
The Wuhan brewery, the first brewery of Budweiser ... Given the backdrop of China's nationwide participation in building ecological civilization, the executive said the company's Wuhan Brewery is committed to becoming AB InBev's first carbon neutral brewery across the world, in 2021.

Veteran CPC member facilitates installation of elevators in old residential buildings

People Daily 07 Jun 2021
Zhu Chunqing, a man in his seventies in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei province, has facilitated the installation of elevators in old residential buildings, which has benefited the local people ... Since late October last year, the septuagenarian began soliciting opinions from every household in the building.

Donald Trump endorses Rep. Ted Budd for North Carolina Senate seat as he and daughter-in-law ...

The Daily Mail 06 Jun 2021
Trump was evidently delighted his spring 2020 claims that COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology are now finally being taken seriously by government officials - and Joe Biden ... 'But he's been wrong on almost every issue, and he was wrong on Wuhan and the lab also, very wrong.

Pompeo hits out at Fauci for parroting the same 'crazy talk' theories as China about ...

The Daily Mail 04 Jun 2021
China has dozens of BSL-3 labs, but only one BSL-4, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, though it plans to build half a dozen more ... Last July, Yuan claimed on Chinese state television that safety protocols are so tight at Wuhan lab that 'not a mosquito can fly into the building without authorization'.

Norway’s Scatec buys 50% stake in Acme Solar’s 900 MW Rajasthan project

Live Mint 03 Jun 2021
Also, deal making in India’s clean energy space continues unabated despite the coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China. “We are very happy to have Scatec as our partner in India and look forward to building a much larger portfolio of renewable energy projects with ...

The media's embarrassing incuriosity about Wuhan

The Star Democrat 02 Jun 2021
Pardon the whiplash! It feels like the media suddenly decided the theory saying the deadly coronavirus leaked from a lab in Wuhan is now considered plausible, when, in 2020, they aggressively dismissed it as a “fringe theory.” ... Ted Cruz and promoted his shop’s explanatory video on Wuhan.

Our Legacy Corporate Media Is Full of Liars and Propagandists

The American Spectator 02 Jun 2021
... research gone wrong in Wuhan, China. This despite the quite obvious factual basis of the lab-leak theory of how the Wuhan virus got out ... While people were being welded into their apartment buildings in Wuhan they were being allowed to take one of three flights a day to Milan.